برای ظهور، کار کوچکی کنیم

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يکشنبه 3 اسفند 1398 زمان : 2:25

Mahdi is happy fortunate soul for all the humanity.

Please relax and imagine an ultroviolet beautiful world with deep peace under the flag of islam.

Imagine nice men.They see the light of God.Mahdi show them that.Spiritual experiences and religiouse experiences is upcoming fast.

Smile will appear on your face because Mahdi knows how to handle the world.

Appreciate twists in the adventure of reaching of Mahdi

Limiting yourself in fear of what you can’t control will do you no good. Appreciate the adventure of not knowing what might happen next.

. Be proud of yourself that your leader is Mahdi

As you work through an earthshaking event, give yourself credit for every step forward. By acknowledging your achievements, no matter how small, you regain trust in your ability to fix what you didn’t break. You empower yourself to take the next step. Besides, the situation is beating you up enough—don’t help it!

Earthshaking events will continue to happen in our lives; we have no control over that. But we do have the ability to control how we respond. While in the midst of such an event it may seem hopeless and unbeatable but you can do it.

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